Wall Lining Channel 18 x 45 x 18 (GL1) 3m

£4.22 5.06)

Libra Perimeter Ceiling Channel 18x45x18x3600mm – FR10.3.6

Libra Metal Furring is a concealed metal system which is designed to create a ceiling that has a conventional plaster appearance where no joints are required.

Combining the Libra Metal Furring system with both tapered edge plasterboards and taped and filled joints allows a wide variety of decorations to be applied to the surface of the wall.

For applications where hygiene is of prime importance, particularly in the medical field, surfaces can be left smooth.

Items such as light fitting, access panels and ventilation units are easily accommodated within the ceiling system.

Libra Metal Furring system consists of FF10 Furring Runner to which the plasterboard is fixed, the face of which is knurled to assist drywall screw penetration, FF30 which is the Primary Channel to which the FF10 is fixed using the FF50 Wire Clip.