Rio Slate Premium Calibrated 20mm

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Pavestone has selected two varieties of Slate to meet both contemporary and rustic garden settings:

Brazilian Rio Slate is perfect for the contemporary garden landscape and for use internally. It has a smoother riven, less marked surface with flowing black and grey tones. The machine sawn edges and calibrated 20mm thickness, present a 'tile' like quality to the paving facilitating easier laying, especially when using it as an internal flooring. The Rio Slate has a smoother surface and so presents a better base for delicate garden furniture.

Both feature the blue/black tones synonymous with slate.


Brazilian Rio Contractor Pack (Crate)

900mm x 600mm (13 pieces)

600mm x 600mm (13 pieces)

600mm x 290mm (13 pieces)

290mm x 290mm (9 pieces)

48 paving tiles per pack

48 pieces (Crate) cover approximately 15.0m2 based n a typical jointing gap of 10 -14mm.

Brazilian Rio Single Size Pack (Crate)

900mm x 600mm

40 paving Tiles per pack

1.8 paving tiles cover approximately 1.0m2

40 paving tiles (Crate) cover approximately 21.9m2